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"From the time of Mozart, the sight of a child on stage, performing as well as a veteran has been a strong draw. In Carnatic music, we have had earlier examples such as Mali, N Ravikiran, and U Shrinivas and now a violinist joins the group..."

– An article by the writer V Sriram, 2004

"When she was just four years, she beat her grandmother to the stage to render a Lord Krishna song that held the audience spellbound... At 19, with several awards under her belt, Akkarai S. Subhalakshmi is the rising star in Carnatic music..."

– The Week Magazine, 2003

"The maturity of the girls in 'pavadai-davani' at once frightened and thrilled you... An inborn gift combined with a relentless refusal to settle for anything but the best..."

– Gowri Ramnarayan, The Hindu, 2005

"It is stunning to hear the feats achieved on the violin by the calmly disposed Subhalakshmi... When Subhalakshmi plays the song 'Chinnanjiru Kiliye', it is not possible for one's heart not to melt..."

– A article on Subhalakshmi at the age of nine, Malai Malar (in Tamil)

"With a level of control over her instrument which could be associated with one several times her age, she handled the different departments of the concert art with ease and self-assurance."

– A review of eleven-year-old Subhalakshmi from The Hindu

"Their play was full of expressions of warmth and every number they played had a unique charm. Their nadopasana demonstrated their deep understanding of the classicism of Carnatic music"

– Review by T K Ganapathy, The Hindu