Excerpts from Suchindram S P Sivasubramaniam's 'Amizhdinum Inidam' & 'Ketta Varam Taruvan'

'Tamizhisai Pāmalar'

A book featuring the lyrics, notations, and translations for 25 compositions
of Suchīndram S P Sivasubramaṇiam

About the book:

In 'Tamizhisai Pāmalar', we present a brief biography of our grandfather, followed by the lyrics and notations of 25 of his compositions, which we have selected from a wide variety of his works.

The book incorporates many innovations in the art of presenting Carnatic compositions in book form, including a new standardised transliteration of Tamizh, annotations that give insights into various facets of the compositions, more readable formatting, and so on.

Also provided are line-by-line English translations for all the songs, as well as an appendix in the English edition with background information on the personalities, deities, and cultural references mentioned in the lyrics, with the aim of making our grandfather’s works more accessible to all musicians, students, and rasikas.

Coming soon is an audio album, 'Ketta Varam Taruvan', featuring these 25 compositions rendered by us on vocals and accompanied by ourselves on the violin.

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